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Sherman Middle School sign in front of building

Creating Confident and Successful Learners

A place in which we focus on high quality learning and high quality relationships within an inclusive school setting.

Sherman Middle school is dedicated to educating the whole child.  Our school is not a typical junior high or middle school.  We have excellent teachers, flexible scheduling within teams, include all students in our classrooms, and work hard to build positive relationships.  

Our school has three academic teams at each grade level.  Each team consists of three teachers.  We used blended roles, which means while one of those teachers is a special education case manager, all of the teachers work closely to ensure that student needs are being met.  Most students on a team do not know which teacher is the case manager.  There is also one team at each grade level that includes a bilingual resource teacher.  This teacher is much like a case manager, but he or she specifically tailors instruction to those students who are learning English as a second language.

In addition to our academic teams, we also have the exploratory team.  This includes physical education, art, computers, Spanish, AVID, Read 180/System 44, math study, orchestra, general music, and band.  These teachers also work closely with the case manager and bilingual resource teachers to ensure that all students receive the support they need to be successful.  

Through a combination of community building activities, PBS Cool Tools, and Sherman special events, we build positive relationships with students, families, and communities members.  We have a few highly anticipated events throughout the year which include socials, family fun nights, the Sherman Olympics (alternating years), Sherman Talent Show (years opposite the Olympics), Battle of the Books, and 8th grade completion ceremonies.  Because students spend a large part of their time with their academic teams, many of the relationships are centered around collaborative learning projects.

PBS - Positive Behavior Supports is the behavioral guidelines that we follow at Sherman.  Click on the link for more information.