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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Sherman Middle School is a diverse, fully-inclusive learning community

We support every student in achieving his or her potential, and preparing for future opportunities and active citizenship. We offer a Common Core State Standards-based curriculum that is student-centered, culturally responsive, and relevant. We model teamwork, collaboration, collegiality, democratic governance, and a commitment to lifelong learning. We partner with families and community stakeholders to nurture the intellectual, social, and emotional development of our students.

Sherman Middle School is an important part of the Northside community. We consider ourselves a family. Our team is working hard to ensure that Sherman is a place where all students are able to be their most authentic selves. We are on a positive trajectory and we are looking forward to even more opportunities for our future students. We are proud that Sherman is a place where MMSD’s core values of excellence, belonging, racial equity & social justice, voice, creativity, and focus are centered. #ShermanFamily

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Oure Core Values


Students will have rigorous, grade level, culturally relevant curriculum delivered by teachers. Through the expansion of our exploratory classes, students will have more opportunities to experience a well-rounded school community. With our expanded advisory time, students will now all have additional time each day for social-emotional development and all students will now have access to health curriculum.


Based on student interviews showing a desire to have stronger classroom communities, we have designed our schedule to focus on students’ sense of belonging. We are shifting away from our previous instructional model in order to have smaller class sizes.  Students will still have one teacher for literacy and social studies and one teacher for math and science. Additionally, advisory will be taught by one of the core teachers. Students will travel as a group to their core classes and advisory allowing the time to build deep relationships with their teachers and classmates.

Racial Equity and Social Justice

One of Sherman’s greatest strengths is our diversity -- 72% of our students identify as students of color. We have both a Spanish dual language program and a traditional English only program. A variety of nationalities and languages are represented by our students.  Our staff professional learning centers around deepening our racial equity lens. We are working to eliminate racialized outcomes for children and youth of color through anti-racist practices and providing all students with access to expanded opportunities.


We focus on elevating student and family voice. Sherman students will have opportunities to share their ideas, opinions, and brilliance with us through focus groups, a leadership council, advisory, extra curricular opportunities, and classroom activities. Additionally, we depend on our families to partner with us. We will not only hear them, but listen to them as we make school based decisions. We will ensure that student and family voice is a driver of our actions and decisions. We will use email, newsletters, and listening sessions to ensure transparency in this process.


We are thrilled to be offering even more opportunities for students to express their creativity. Students will have the option of either Spanish or French for a world language. Students can also choose from a wider array of exploratory classes.  Music options include band, orchestra, chorus, piano, ukulele, and hip hop. Other opportunities for creativity include culturally responsive literature, visual art, spoken word, broadcasting, hands on science, and a technology based makers class.


We know that in order to pace this work, we must remain focused on a narrow set of priorities. Our focus will be on race, relationships, and rigor. We are partnering with local and national organizations in order to ensure that our work achieves excellent outcomes for all students.

We will use student voice and experiences to guide our practices and disrupt/dismantle negative narratives. Each student will understand and view themselves as a unique, accomplished, talented, and valued member of a diverse cultural community.

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We embrace collaboration among adults and students.

We value positive relationships as central to building and maintaining a safe learning environment.

We hold high expectations for all students, both academically and behaviorally, which are clearly communicated, consistently modeled, and positively reinforced.