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Madison Metropolitan School District


Sherman Middle School has a variety of options for homework help and/or tutoring.

Homework Club - MSCR after-school club

Description: Homework Club is held after school, typically Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Homework Club is held by grade level, supervised by an adult and provides a quiet space to work on homework.
How to Access Program:  Homework Club is a drop-in club and is open to all students.
For more information: Contact the Sherman MSCR After-School/SOH Tutor Coordinator at (608) 204-2121.

Schools of Hope - Middle Schools - SOH-MS (Urban League of Greater Madison partnership)

Description: Math or Literacy tutoring provided by community volunteers in a 1:1 or small group ( 1:2 or 1:3) setting.  SOH MS tutoring focuses on students who are considered at the ‘cusp of proficiency’ as determined by their teachers. Tutoring sessions are generally held during class time or occasionally at after-school homework club. The tutoring sessions are scheduled based on the availability of volunteer tutors and the schedules of the student and the volunteer.
How to Access Tutoring Program:  Students are largely referred by teachers, though the program does accept requests from parents and students. Parents or students are encouraged to speak with their teacher about SOH-MS tutoring referrals. When a request comes from a parent or student, SOH MS staff connects with the student's teacher to determine the needed supports.  
For more information: Contact the Sherman MSCR After-School/SOH Tutor Coordinator at (608) 204-2121.

Partnerships for After School Success AmeriCorps -PASS - (Dane County Human Services/AmeriCorps partnership)

Description: PASS AmeriCorps members deliver literacy tutoring to identified students in Read 180/System 44 classes.  The AmeriCorps Members provide:

  • 1:1 tutoring sessions
  • Dosage of 15 sessions or more  focusing on reading skills including vocabulary, comprehension and fluency skills. Members receive ten hours of training in reading basics and strategies to build reading skills.
  • PASS literacy tutoring is most effective when embedded within reading class. To minimize disruption of student instructional time while optimizing  PASS resources, PASS members tutor within student reading classes whenever possible for one or two, 20-minute sessions a week during free reading time. Shorter, frequent sessions result in better student engagement and continuity between tutoring sessions. Students do not miss instructional learning time and  easily transition in and out of  tutoring  sessions.
  • Members coordinate with reading teachers to reinforce instructional learning.

How to Access Tutoring Program: Students are referred by reading teachers in consultation with the MSCR/SOH Tutor Coordinator. Matches are determined by AmeriCorps member enrollment, availability and capacity.
For more information: Contact the Sherman MSCR After-School/SOH Tutor Coordinator at (608) 204-2121.

Juventud Program

Description: Centro Hispano’s Juventud Program is an after-school programs that provide wrap-around services for primarily Latino youth in order to increase educational attainment, career planning, and access to information about advanced careers. Additionally, the programs provide wrap-around services for families that increase parent and student involvement in the educational process through parent meetings and, where appropriate, through culturally relevant leadership development programming.

Academic Support/Tutoring is defined as: a) 1:1 - 1:3 tutoring; b) academic support activities based on career planning and leadership. Escalera curriculum is established through the National Council of La Raza and Juventud’s curriculum is established through Centro Hispano and is based on eight core subject areas (art, STEM, leadership/volunteering, travel/cultures, health/movement, life skills, careers and college exploration); c) cultural support through program design; d) family engagement through Centro Hispano wrap around services including court and legal services, housing assistance, career training/planning and advocacy.

Each after school program session consists of tutoring, workshop/activities, and wrap-around support. Every student enrolled is provided opportunities to participate in academic support curriculum activities and academic tutoring.  
How to Access Program: This program is for primarily Latino students who are under-performing academically and/or who would benefit from increased connection with their school and community. The student must submit an application. The application is reviewed by Centro staff. The enrollment capacity is 24 per cohort.
For more information: Contact the Sherman Juventud Program Coordinator at