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There are many different ways to help Sherman.  Check out some of these ideas and links if you are interested.  Staff and students are always appreciative of community members that help to make our school a better place to learn.

Coke Rewards


The Madison Schools and Community Recreation is a big part of our Sherman community.  Dane Gottschall, our MSCR coordinator is also our tutor coordinator.  He helps supervise Youth Resource Center (YRC), which is our after school program.  He is a constant figure in our building that so many kids look up to.  If you are looking to help out with volunteering some time, Dane is the person to go to.  He can help you decide on a schedule and set you up with select students or teams.  Dane can be contacted via email or by calling him between 9 am and 2 pm.  While he is in the building until 5 pm, he is often with kids in programs, therefore cannot be reached.  His phone number is 204-2132.



After many years of our PACTS group, our dedicated parents took it to the next step and filed the paperwork to become an official PTO.  Our PTO President is Kristin Nelson...



The Library Media Center is an integral part of Sherman students' learning. It is a busy place used for book checkout, research, quiet study and lessons. If you would like to volunteer to help with shelving in the LMC, please contact Lydia Bertram, Sherman's Library Media Specialist via email or by calling her at 204-2116.


Grant Writing

With the current state of our educational system, and budget cuts constantly being made, we have found the best way to supplement our curriculum and support our students is through multiple grants that we've received.  Grant writing can be overwhelming, and quite honestly, scary.  However, when working with a others, the process becomes much less tedious, and it has a great feeling when the grant is funded.  Over the past 5 years, grants have given us document cameras and LCD projectors, a budget for our after school programs (Community Learning Centers grant), professional development training, other technology such as netbooks and smartpens, among other countless things.  If you are interested in helping to write a grant, contact our PTO President Kristin Nelson or Principal Michael Hernandez.

Click here to access a database of available grants.

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