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Bullying/Harassment Reporting forms

PBS Overview

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) is a proactive systems approach for creating and maintaining safe and effective learning environments in schools, and ensuring that all students have the social/emotional skills needed to ensure their success at school and beyond. The mission of Sherman Middle School PBS is to provide the forum for focusing on universal systems change to teach expected behaviors and social skills, create student behavioral and academic support systems, and apply data-based decision- making to discipline, academics and social/emotional learning. PBS works to build skills and capacity of Sherman teachers through training, coaching and technical assistance.

Sherman Goals

1. Increase consistent use of positive teaching and reinforcement strategies among all school staff at school-wide, classroom and individual student levels.

2. Reduce use of reactive discipline measures in schools (i.e., office discipline referrals, detentions, suspensions, expulsions) for all students.

3. Increase data-based decision-making about behavior and academic instruction and reinforcement across all school settings.

4. Implement effective comprehensive supports/services/interventions for students with the most intensive behavioral/emotional needs through wraparound plans that address home, school, and community settings.

Guiding Principles

Every attempt to maintain the dignity of both the student and adult during a disciplinary situation will be made. Students should see a reasonable connection between their actions and the natural or logical consequences that follow. The adult’s emphasis should be placed on guiding & helping students learn to problem- solve and to adopt new behaviors rather than making them pay for past misdeeds. Students should be provided opportunities to make decisions and to solve the problems they create without creating a problem for anyone else.

Teaching Student Expectations

All Sherman Students are explicitly taught behavior and academic expectations using common language. Sherman has adopted the “3 Rs” as an umbrella for teaching all student expectations in all school locations.

Sherman's Respect Chart - Students will see a version of this in many spaces at Sherman.  The expectations are listed in positive language and some charts are modified to show only specific spaces.  Please take some time to review these expectations with your child at various times throughout the year.

Cool Tools

Cool Tools are lesson plans used to teach the school's behavior expectations - they teach all the students what is expected of them and what that looks like. New lessons are taught to all students multiple times a month. Selection, creation, and priority for which lessons are taught is based on Sherman’s behavior data. Cool Tools identify which Respect Expectations is being taught and gives students an opportunity to learn through staff and/or peer modeling, role playing and discussion.

  • Hands to self
  • Walking on the right side of the hallway
  • Respecting all adults
  • Using positive language
  • Follow adult directions
  • Entering the classroom quietly
  • Working Cooperatively
  • Volume in the hallway
  • Be on time and prepared



Student Recognition & Celebrations

No Referral Parties: Following each quarter of the school year, students who have not received a single behavior referral are invited to a celebration. (pancake breakfasts, ice skating, field day, movie)

Student Fabulous Falcons: Acknowledgments called Fabulous Falcons are written by staff for students showing positive behaviors that can be turned into the office for a chance to win prizes during weekly drawings. Fabulous Falcons are immediate positive reinforcers that can be used daily by any staff member.

Fabulous Falcon Drawings: Students may choose to enter their Fabulous Falcons into a drawing for a chance to win a prize. During lunches on names are chosen and announced, while students can claim any number of prizes. 8th graders can also chose to enter Fabulous Falcons into a monthly drawing for larger prizes. Students’ names and pictures are then posted in school and in Sherman’s newsletters.

Staff Appreciation: Staff are also recognized by their colleges with a similar written form that can also be entered into drawings for prizes.

Any questions related to PBS can be forwarded to Maggie Zywicki via email or phone 204-2104.